Death and Revenge spells that work immediately in Arlington, Dallas, , El Paso, Alabama Alaska

Revenge Curses Spells

Revenge spells to cause someone bad luck, punish your enemies, or cause someone harm & voodoo revenge spell to breakup a relationship or marriage.

Get revenge with voodoo magic spells, curses spells, hexes, black magic & voodoo death spell curses that will cause someone suffering, paid & disasters in their life.

Curse Spells

Curses are powerful muthi & witchcraft that can be cast to destroy someone’s life

Maama Naseera can help you remove & banish family curses, love curses, money curses or job curses that are preventing you from achieving your dreams

Voodoo Curses spells to get revenge against your enemies & make them suffer.

death spells and revenge spells

Speaking of why people want to seek revenge, first of all we should forget those childish excuses we make up for ourselves, like “He said that…”, “She made fun of me…”,

“I did that but she said I was wrong…”.

According to prof Naseera, these are all just excuses and are never the real reason why we want to get revenge.

The real reasons are hidden much deeper. They are not outside. They are inside of us. The first reason is our dissatisfaction with our own life and achievements.

According to scientists, most people are never happy with themselves and the majority of people are dissatisfied with their achievements in life.

The more dissatisfied you are, the more negative feelings you have. These feelings are an integral part of the survival mechanism.

“I’m overweight so I have to lose weight because otherwise I’ll never achieve success.”

This is what our subconscious mind tells us when we do not like the way we look. “I’m not pretty, I won’t be able to find a life partner, I’ll never have kids…” and so on and so forth.

Revenge Spells

Revenge spell to harms someone’s health so that they experience illness & permanent health problems

Voodoo revenge spell to harms someone's business causing their business to fail & lose clients

Black magic voodoo spell to harms someone's finances. Binding revenge curses spells to harm someone's love life of someone.

Hexes Spells

Bind your enemies with powerful hexes and curses spells to cast on your enemies

Break curses, break hexes & break revenge spells against you with the help of Maama Naseera a powerful wiccan witch & healer.

Hex your enemy & watch as their life becomes difficult with the help of hexes spells & curses.

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