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Death spells and Revenge spells

Speaking of why people want to seek revenge, first of all we should forget those childish excuses we make up for ourselves, like “He said that…”, “She made fun of me…”, “I did that but she said I was wrong…”. According to prof Naseera, these are all just excuses and are never the real reason why we want to get revenge. The real reasons are hidden much deeper. They are not outside. They are inside of us. The first reason is our dissatisfaction with our own life and achievements.


To Be specific

Being impractical when casting Wiccan Revenge spells isn’t helpful. It’s best to have more details on how you want the enchantment to work. Nurturing impractical expectations like planning a revenge spell on multiple, non-offending parties may fall flat spectacularly.

Your enchantments are only potent when cast toward individuals you know already. In most cases, spells could attract an enormous amount of blowback later. It’s detrimental to try changing many people’s destiny by cutting their life short. Place emphasis on targeting an individual that has offended you to stand a great chance of receiving minimal blowback. If you’re keen to use something more powerful, reach out to your enchanter first.

Solo moves when casting strong death spells may be effective, but could visit some terrible consequences on initiators.

Don’t drift

Revenge spells are requests made directly linked to our universe. People who don’t know it already should; it’s unsafe to play with our universe when casting death spells. Make your request as direct as possible, and stay pegged to that request. Switching your requests mid-spell may affect its effectiveness and return negative consequences.

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